How AI is Transforming Education

Practical Examples
& Best Practices


How AI is Transforming Education: Practical Examples & Best Practices

In this session, you will learn how to use AI to create surveys with our Survey Tool. You will also hear from real teachers who will share their experiences and insights on using AI to enhance their teaching practices.

This webinar was conducted in English.

Meet the Panelists

Niklas Funk

Niklas Funk

Spanish Teacher using AI to Enhance Student's Language Skills

Niklas, a Swede, has been teaching Spanish since 2011. He has taught in various types of schools, both small and large, including public and private institutions. After living abroad, he became more interested in online teaching. Niklas continuously explores the best methods for teaching in the digital realm. During the lessons, his students have the opportunity to interact with AI to practice and enhance their language skills. 

Terje Pedersen

Terje Pedersen

Teacher at Kleppestø Ungdomsskole. Educator & Public Speaker Specialising in Tech & AI

Since 2001, Terje has been a pioneer in educational innovation, leveraging technology, gaming, and VR at Kleppestø Ungdomsskole to inspire and challenge students. His contributions have garnered the IKT Innovation Award, Vitenskapsakademiet Teacher Award, and Gullepleprisen. He promotes creative and deep learning in Norwegian schools and more through talks and podcasts.

Kim Aarberg

Kim Aarberg

School Advisor at Askøy Kommune, Specialising in Tech & AI

Since 2009, Kim has been an educator in Askøy, Norway, evolving from ICT manager to IT advisor. He’s championed technology in education, fostering student-centered innovation and real-world collaborations. Over the last decade, Kim has integrated gaming, VR/AR, and expert discussions into his teaching. Recently, as a Google Workspace Specialist, he’s pioneering AI’s educational integration through a current project.


Beathe Kathrine Moe

itslearning Trainer & Teacher

Beathe is a dedicated educator with a passion for learning and ED-tech. Based in Bergen, Norway, where she combines being a teacher in Bergen kommune and her role as Customer Engagement Specialist in itslearning. With over 18 years experience as a teacher Beathe brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a teacher and pedagogue in itslearning.


Frøydis Hamre

Product Owner, itslearning

Frøydis has worked as a product owner in itslearning for 8 years. She comes from a pedagogical background and has been responsible for several projects in itslearning like the itslearning mobile app, individual learning plans and our test tool.


How AI is Transforming Education:
Practical Examples & Best Practices

This webinar was be conducted in English.