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itslearning Releases 69 and 70

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Release Highlights

Welcome to release 69 and 70 of itslearning. The main highlights of these releases are:

  • More onboarding for customers using new itslearning – we continue to highlight new features and help users get the most from itslearning.
  • The Stream now groups similar information making reading easier.

Release 70 –

Assessment records and averages

Traditionally, the assessment record has computed the overall average by averaging the percentages of individual assignments or assessments. Now you can configure the assessment record to calculate averages (including categories) based on points – in addition to percent. We also support weighting by points.

Presentation of embedded content

We’ve changed the way we present images from embedded content by letting images stretch the entire width of the container and cropping top and bottom of the image.

If embedded content doesn’t load in bulletin boards and the stream we will now inform you. If the content doesn’t appear, you can try to load the content again or go directly to the embedded content’s website.

Release 69 – Onboarding

For users of new itslearning, we have added two onboarding features:

Top banner and welcome modal

We welcome our users to new itslearning with an optional quick guide to the new look and feel and features. Once viewed it will disappear or you can just dismiss it.

Blinking dot on the Group menu item

We have added a blinking dot on the Group menu item to highlight that we have moved dashboards and projects to a new location.

Streamlining the Stream and Notifications

Instead of presenting you with individual updates for every change in a course, we are now grouping similar changes in the Stream and latest changes. You will see only one “recent update” post from your teacher per course per day. If new content is added during the day it is added to the update group and this jumps to the top of the stream.

Other changes

  • We have fine-tuned the search in the new Library to make it even better.
  • Sorting by relevance should now provide more accurate search results based on your search query.
  • The search engine now attempts to correct small typos that you may have entered.
  • You can filter for any publisher from the search results.
  • You can now only find content created on demo sites if you are searching from a demo site yourself.
  • It is now possible to search for parts of a word (for example searching on „bio“ will also result in hits on „biology“).
  • Enhancements to the new messaging system to better display all participants in a conversation.
  • Users of new itslearning will see that My page now is their new start page. Exceptions are administrators, system administrators, “AICC profiles”. Customers can still override the start location via a profile setting.

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