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Helping teachers get more done in less time


Efficiency & Insight

A New Mandate for EdTech

Technology helps humans do things that would be too costly or time-consuming to do manually. In education, the traditional promise of technology has been efficiency. Helping teachers get more done in less time. This remains important and necessary.

  • To take system-supplied intelligence about student progress and put it into action through personalised learning
  • To combine the collective knowledge of teachers into a set of shareable courses with built-in best practices for pedagogy
  • To understand how an institution’s actual use of EdTech compares to its expectation. And how to close the gap.

These topics, and more, will be covered in the 2019 itslearning Leadership Network at Solstrand.

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Solstrand Hotel

Once a year, leading educators from across the globe gather for the itslearning Leadership Network at the Solstrand Hotel in Norway to network, educate and inspire one another. For over a hundred years, Solstrand’s exquisite location (just outside Bergen), beautiful surroundings and magnificent views of Norway’s fjords and mountains have captivated guests from far and wide.

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Join us at the beautiful Norwegian Solstrand Hotel and enjoy meeting like minded people all striving for the same solutions. blah de blah de blah…