Pædagogisk webinar: Blended learning as the new normal

Hør et strategisk oplæg om hvordan man indfører Blended Learning
som den normale undervisningsform

Webinaret er på engelsk.

The University of Northampton’s new Waterside Campus will open in the centre of the town in 2018. Waterside will have a smaller footprint than the combination of the current two campuses and, significantly, no lecture theatres. The learning and teaching spaces, including our “learning commons” and staff areas, have been designed for an outstanding, future-facing student experience. This major investment (£330m) will operate in conjunction with revamped curricula, interactive design, personalised student support and, of course, great teaching.

The University is undergoing a major pedagogic redesign process focusing on active blended learning as our new normal. The Waterside campus became an additional driver, giving us a target date to work to. Managing institutional change on this scale requires, however, far more than a robust staff development scheme. Bringing colleagues with you is key – both on the academic and professional services areas. Evidence, support and agency have been the three key ingredients that have enabled the shift.

In this webinar, through the lens of the Northampton experience, Alejandro will address the following question: how can academic staff development successfully underpin a move to a new learning and teaching environment? He will outline the challenges we have encountered and how we have either anticipated or responded to them. He will also share the ones they haven’t yet resolved. He will describe our team approach to pedagogic change (research to practice to policy) and the fresh set of challenges that lie ahead.

Werbinaret fandt sted den 31. januar 2017 og blev afholdt af Prof. Alejandro Armellini og Anita Monty, læringskonsulent i itslearning.

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