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Stop cheating before it occurs

What’s ironic about the URKUND plagiarism tool is that it detects cheating after the fact as frequently as it averts it before it even occurs. This is because teachers merely mentioning to their students they use URKUND is often enough to prevent them from cheating, says URKUND Product Manager Peter Witasp. “We encourage teachers to be open with their students that they are using URKUND,” Peter says. “If students are aware of that, they think twice before cheating. Teachers using URKUND tell us they see a decline in plagiarism attempts.”

Digital math made easy

Those specialised characters are not always easy to re-create on paper, let alone on a computer. Here’s where WIRIS comes to the rescue. Barcelona-based WIRIS produces two tools that are available in itslearning’s app library, a formula editor and an online calculator.

Mobilskole offers a wide array of advantages for schools

Mobilskole was created in Norway and is available in Norwegian, Swedish and English to any school that uses itslearning. It allows schools, teachers and students to send each other texts (and emails) at the click of a button. You can send messages to individuals, entire classes, or groups of your own making. It’s easy to add this app to your itslearning dashboard and integrate it with your existing contact lists. Schools can use Mobilskole to keep a record of all messages sent, which could be useful in clarifying misunderstandings.

Motivating students and saving time with NRK Skole

When Odd Erling Brygfjeld wanted to teach his Year 6 students about Islam, he turned to NRK Skole, a database of video and sound clips that is designed for teachers and students from K-12 in Norway. Odd found a suitable video that was a minute and a half long and posted it on itslearning for his students to watch. He then created a test in itslearning for the students to complete after watching the video.

“This method works extremely well with formative tests. The idea was for the students to learn from the answers. The point was that they were going to gain knowledge from the test, and not demonstrate knowledge from before.”

A teacher at Kulstad primary school in Mosjøen, Norway.

The award winning creative online space for primary aged learners

Purple Mash is an award-winning website for Primary school children. It is a creative place where children can apply and enhance their knowledge through:

  • compiling and interrogating databases
  • writing in various formats
  • making 3D models
  • designing and playing their own 3D games
  • creating animations and much more!

A symphony orchestra in the classroom!

Music Delta is a digital learning resource that uses cloud computing and Internet-based streaming. It is best used within a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a software system designed to support teaching and learning. Within the VLE it uses the management tool for teachers and discussion forums for students. Music Delta is designed for use in all VLE’s reading SCORM and is presented as an app in itslearning.Students work in their own profile on the schools VLE, either at school or at home. All their work is saved on their personal profile in the schools VLE. Music Delta is also available for use outside a VLE, but not with the storing benefits.

Over half a million digital images available through itslearning

Bridgeman Education gives subscribing educational institutions access to over 500,000 high-quality digital images. itslearning users can search the database, view and save images directly from the itslearning platform through the App Library. With hidden treasures from private collections and contemporary artists that are not available on the internet, Bridgeman Education’s images can help teachers bring extra life to their teaching.

Bridgeman Education is the online image resource for education users from the Bridgeman Art Library. The database is an invaluable research, teaching and learning tool: a unique archive of digital images sourced from the world’s leading museums, galleries, contemporary artists and private collections. All the images are copyright-cleared for educational use.

Recognised by the leading educational awards

In 2012, Just2Easy won the BETT ICT Tools for Learning and Teaching category.

The judges said: ”An excellent product. They have made web content creation accessible and easy for a very wide range of users. From considered, pre planned materials to feedback, evaluation and collaborative work, this offers so many opportunities for creativity in education.”


Supports problem-solving processes

Kikora is a unique e-learning tool for mathematics which is integrated into itslearning. Kikora currently contains a library of more than 10.000 math exercises and more than 2.500.000 exercises has been solved.

As Kikora Editor Anders Baumberger likes to say, solving math problems is a process where the final answer is often less interesting than the actual process used to arrive at answer. Supporting the process of solving math programs is what Kikora is all about.

“As a student, you are completely free to solve a math problem the way you want, and Kikora will guide you in the process,” Anders says. “The students are doing full calculations and getting feedback on every step. The result is that students are no longer just getting feedback on the final answer but on the whole process.”