Key Developments
  • Cloud Integration
  • Integrated Assessment Processes
  • itslearning Library & Content Integration
  • More on Mobile
  • Onboarding & UX
  • Reporting
Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Our users want a choice of cloud service. We believe that all users must be able to quickly and easily use their favorite cloud resources in itslearning. We want to remove barriers to accessing cloud services, and make sure that linking accounts from itslearning to the cloud is as simple as possible.
We want our users to have the leading Office 365 and Google Apps integration.

Students and teachers should be able to collaborate on documents in the cloud directly from itslearning. Everyone can link to, view and edit cloud files through their preferred cloud file viewer directly from itslearning.


Teachers can easily use cloud resources in tasks, planner, assignment or course. They can use the great collaboration tools from Google Apps for Education or Microsoft Office to create secure, shared work-spaces for whole classes or groups of students. Teachers can create a shared collaborative document with a few taps and let the shared learning process begin.

We are also going to provide a single place to view all of the files you have uploaded or linked to itslearning – making it easier to reuse files from your device or the cloud.


Last Updated: janvier 17, 2017

Integrated Assessment Processes

Integrated Assessment Processes

We want itslearning to be a student’s one-stop-shop for grades, allowing them to quickly check grades on the device of their choosing.

This does require teachers to put those grades in first, so our gradebook works intuitively and relevant grades are exported to the SIS.

In addition, our assessment tools invite teachers to do these activities online.

Students can take a test or submit an assignment on the device of their choosing. Assignment answers can be submitted via their cloud service, such as Google Drive or One Drive.

To streamline the assessment process, teachers can view submitted documents without the need of downloading them first and can make annotations on the fly.

To lower the threshold to start with online assessment activities, we will make it possible to share them with each other via the Library.



Last Updated: janvier 17, 2017

itslearning Library & Content Integration

itslearning Library & Content Integration

The itslearning library is our education focused learning object repository. Based on regional, national and international standard and tagging it creates a great space for finding, sharing and re-using content from teachers and the top educational publishers.

We want to have the best LMS ecosystem for sharing educational tools and resources – this can help share knowledge, resources and make the job of teaching easier. We want to make the itslearning library our teacher’s preferred tool for searching, creating, and sharing learning resources. Today we have some customers with over 2 million resources in their itslearning library and we are improving the search usability to make finding the right content as simple as possible.

We will include better searching across the different standard systems used by different districts to improve search results (standards cross-walking).

We want to build on the 20+ national and international publishers who have added their content to itslearning. We will extend the options for importing and managing publisher content. We will give publishers more viability of usage so they can target their content to better support key educational challenges.

Our key themes all interrelate to make the itslearning library the heart of our teaching ecosystem.



Last Updated: janvier 18, 2017

More on Mobile

More on Mobile

The itslearning app gives you everything you need from your LMS, on your mobile phone. We will provide a full itslearning experience, no matter which device you’re using, and the itslearning app will be the best app for activities and assessments.

itslearning provides educational institutions with a world leading mobile LMS. Through our native apps, we extend the value of the learning platform to the users’ personal devices. We allow our students, teachers and school staff to perform their most important tasks directly through the native app. This will ensure that itslearning is the best mobile LMS in the world. How do we achieve this?

First, we’ll make sure that logging in to itslearning through the app is both simple and secure. Our user’s will be able to authenticate directly in the app using the authentication method specified by the school owners, while making it simple for returning users to access itslearning through the app.


Second, our app gives our users a simple way to get quick and easy access important news and updates, they can see their tasks, receive and send messages, and stay in contact with their teachers and students.

Third, we’re giving students and teachers full access to their courses and course content through the app without opening external browser windows. This means that using their app, our users get easy access to important news and updates, they can see their tasks, their messages and stay in contact with other users.


Fourth, our students and teachers will get full access to all their courses and course content directly through the app, without being redirected to external browsers. If a student gets a task or an assignment, they will not only receive a notification, they will also be able to see, reflect and submit their work directly through the app.


Finally, our teachers will be able to manage their courses and assess activities directly within the app, without having login to itslearning on a browser.


With this, our users will get the full itslearning experience, directly in our native apps!


Last Updated: janvier 17, 2017

Onboarding & UX

Onboarding & UX

All you need is love so the song goes and we want our users to love using itslearning. We are improving and simplifying the way users work in itslearning – making everything smoother, faster and more streamlined. Every teacher will find it easy to create and find learning resources and activities, and use them to plan, delivery and assess.


Teachers can be confident that everything needed reaches the student at the right time, and that students understand the learning goals and what they want to achieve. This includes clearer access to homework, assessments, tasks and tests on the desktop and mobile.


We want to make students feel supported in their learning. Helping understand the different topics and lead him on them on the right path to get ready for test and assignments, and reaching his goals. That’s why we will provide a brand new easy to browse Plan viewer, where the students can solve their tasks in the right context of resources. And of course, on every device.

roadmap-ux-p1 roadmap-ux-p2 roadmap-ux-p3 roadmap-ux-p4

New on-screen help and ‘onboarding’ will guide teachers through the core itslearning tools and give examples and support when using new features or accessing existing ones.


Last Updated: janvier 18, 2017



Powerful reporting to allow for better planning and understanding of teaching and learning, enabling actions and decisions that lead to success for all students. Our suite of report templates provides useful insights into user engagement, curriculum management and student progress. Along with customizable views of user and course activity, Advanced Reporting provides a comprehensive picture of pedagogical activity and progress.

itslearning aims to empower our customers, with the insights they need to evaluate and improve their educational programs and practices. Our Advanced Reporting approach differentiates itslearning from competitors in its emphasis on flexibility and customization, to align with diverse customer priorities and practices. Both Advanced Reporting and our standard reports build on our product strengths, particularly in curriculum management and standards-based assessment.

Curriculum management: View the types of content and assessments teachers are using in their courses, statistics on their use, and how they are aligned to standards.

User engagement: See the patterns of use of itslearning – who is logging in, from which schools, when, and for how long. These reports can help you to understand adoption of itslearning across your district and identify.

Student progress: Do you need to find students who are struggling? To find the topics in the curriculum where students are not performing as expected? To compare performance across schools and courses? Your data on students results can show you what you need to know to help all students succeed.


Last Updated: janvier 17, 2017

Product Roadmap

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    Integrated Assessment Processes

    New mobile friendly, shareable test tool (for selected customers)

    In DevelopmentLive: Q1, 2017 1 of 10

    The updated test tool will make creating and sharing tests easier. Teachers can share tests they have created and schools can share standard tests with just their teachers.


    Designed with mobile devices in mind, but it will work just as well on touch devices and desktops.

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    Integrated Assessment Processes

    New mobile friendly, shareable test tool (for existing customers).

    In Planning 2 of 10

    Our existing customers will see the updated version of our test tool when we are confident that all the functionality they are familiar with is included. In this process we are also improving some features teachers have asked for, making sure that they will have an even better experience than before.

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    Integrated Assessment Processes

    Enhanced QTI import options

    In Planning 3 of 10

    We will offer migration of all existing tests to the new tool so all users can start using the new features immediately.

    We want to continue to offer (and improve) QTI import (QTI v2.1) so that our users can import tests they have created in other tools, given that the other tool supports QTI export and we offer the same question types. Not supported question types will be handled gracefully.

    We are reviewing the draft standards for QTI v2.2 and support for later QTI versions will be considered once they are published by IMS Global.

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    Integrated Assessment Processes

    Teacher item/question banks

    In Planning 4 of 10

    We want teachers to be able to share individual questions between tests through a teacher question/item bank. Questions can be aligned to standards (learning objectives) to make searching easier.

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    Integrated Assessment Processes

    Import of 3rd party item/question banks

    In Planning 5 of 10

    We know many customers have access to 3rd party item banks (question banks) for standardized tests. We are planning to create import and synchronization tools to include these questions in the new test tool.

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    Integrated Assessment Processes

    Shareable assignments with great mobile support and annotations

    In DevelopmentLive: Q3, 2017 6 of 10

    The new assignment tool make it possible to share assignments you’ve created with your school, site or the whole itslearning community and to search and reuse assignments shared by others. All existing assignments can be reused and shared immediately!

    In addition, students can submit from their device or cloud service of their choosing. Teachers can view these submissions directly in the browser and make annotations where needed.



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    Integrated Assessment Processes

    Peer feedback

    In Planning 7 of 10

    Providing feedback to assignment answers can take a lot of time, while reviewing someone else’s answer and writing feedback can be a very meaningful learning experience.

    By allowing peer feedback as an option for the assignment tool, teachers can choose to delegate the reviewing process between their students.

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    Integrated Assessment Processes

    Infinite Campus grade transfer

    PilotingLive: Q2, 2017 8 of 10

    IMS One Roster will be used to transfer selected grades from itslearning to Infinite Campus. The Infinite Campus process transfers term progress and final grades.


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    Integrated Assessment Processes

    Grade transfer with other SISs

    In Planning 9 of 10

    Using IMS One Roster or proprietary APIs we will look at passing grades back to other SISs used in the US market, such as eSchoolPlus, PowerSchool and Skyward.

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    Integrated Assessment Processes

    Grade book feature improvements

    In PlanningLive: Q3, 2017 10 of 10

    We want to make it much easier for teachers to enter or change grades directly in the grade book.


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    More on Mobile


    In DevelopmentLive: Q1, 2017 1 of 6

    We will provide our users with a simpler login process. Users will be able to login directly to their school, using their preferred authentication method, and have simple yet secure access to itslearning directly from the app.

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    More on Mobile

    Easy to set up

    In DevelopmentLive: Q1, 2017 2 of 6

    We are working on ways to make it easier to set up the app for first-time users. It should be easy to find your school and we are removing the approval page for the official itslearning app.

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    More on Mobile

    Courses and Course Content

    In DevelopmentLive: Q1, 2017 3 of 6

    We will give students and teachers full access to their courses and course content directly through the app, and not be redirected to the browser.

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    More on Mobile

    Personal Menu

    In PlanningLive: Q1, 2017 4 of 6

    Through an improved navigation structure, users will get access to core itslearning content like their files, the library and the remaining course content.

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    More on Mobile

    Attach and upload files

    In Planning 5 of 6

    We are working on making it simpler to transfer files from your mobile device to be attached to messages, uploaded to your files and submitted as a part of assignment work.

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    More on Mobile

    Parent App

    In Planning 6 of 6

    We are working with parents and parent groups to plan which are is the important information parents want to see on mobile devices.

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    Grade book reporting

    In DevelopmentLive: Q1, 2017 1 of 4

    To our growing data warehouse of activity and assessment data, we will add grade book data. This includes individual assessment results, categories, and averages, for school and district-wide analytics. Reports with this data will be available as part of the Advanced Reporting option and via the Data Warehouse API.

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    Course Trends and progress

    In DevelopmentLive: Q2, 2017 2 of 4

    These reports will provide comprehensive insight into student progress in a course. You can view the trend and distribution of their grades, and a progress bar to monitor their completion of the course.



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    Individual progress and activity

    In PlanningLive: Q3, 2017 3 of 4

    What has your student been up to? Use this detailed account of student interaction with the course, and other features of itslearning to inform decisions and communications that help keep students on track for success.

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    Course content use

    In PlanningLive: Q3, 2017 4 of 4

    These reports will provide insights into how students are interacting with your curriculum.

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    Cloud Integration

    Create collaborations in Word, Excel or PowerPoint directly from itslearning

    PilotingLive: Q1, 2017 1 of 6

    Create, edit and collaborate on Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents directly from itslearning. No need for external accounts on Microsoft Office365. Set-up resources for your class, or groups of students to collaborate on directly in itslearning.

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    Cloud Integration

    Better Integration with Google Apps for Education

    In DevelopmentLive: Q2, 2017 2 of 6

    We already have great support for Google Docs/drive integration, but we are making this even better. Link to or edit existing Google documents or create new ones directly from itslearning.

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    Cloud Integration

    Google Apps Collaborations

    In DevelopmentLive: Q2, 2017 3 of 6

    Create a collaborative Google document for students to work on together. Connect to and edit existing Google documents or create/share new ones directly from itslearning.

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    Cloud Integration

    Better Integration with Microsoft o365

    In DevelopmentLive: Q2, 2017 4 of 6

    Want to work more closely with Microsoft Office365 in the cloud? We already support OneDrive integration, but this is only the beginning. Create collaborative o365 documents for students to work on together. Connect to and edit existing Office documents or create/share new ones directly from itslearning.

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    Cloud Integration

    Unify files user experience

    In DevelopmentLive: Q3, 2017 5 of 6

    With the move for more data held in the cloud, wouldn’t it be great to have one place that keeps track of your files no matter where you use them in itslearning. Welcome to YourFiles.

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    Cloud Integration

    More options for enterprise-level Microsoft integration

    In DevelopmentLive: Q1/Q2, 2017 6 of 6

    itslearning already supports single sign-on with o365 solutions. We are making it simpler to set-up up integration and the provisioning of email/credentials between systems.

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    Onboarding & UX

    Better user experience for adding items to course - initial release

    In DevelopmentLive: Q1, 2017 1 of 11

    Our extension program makes it possible for ourselves and external parties to integrate content creation tools – for example the Page tool – into itslearning.

    We want to make sure all tools offer some basic functionality, such as deciding if the content should be visible to students, quickly see which students have worked with the content and aligning the content to the curriculum.

    roadmpa-ux-user-exp1          roadmap-ux-user-exp2

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    Onboarding & UX

    Tasks / Homework

    In DevelopmentLive: Q1, 2017 2 of 11

    The task list in itslearning should include all school work a student needs to do. We aim to make it easier to assign tasks to students.


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    Onboarding & UX


    In DevelopmentLive: Q1, 2017 3 of 11

    Users should feel welcome and confident when they start using itslearning. We are adding onboarding features to help them and guide them through the important parts of our platform. This is released bit by bit as we progress, and will give different messages depending on whether your site is new or old, or what design it is using. It also depends on the user, if you are a teacher or a student.




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    Onboarding & UX

    Plan viewer

    In DevelopmentLive: Q2, 2017 4 of 11

    All students feel supported in their learning because the schedule on itslearning provides them with the resources they need to understand the different topics and lead him on the right path to learn more.

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    Onboarding & UX

    Planner and course workflow improvements

    In Planning 5 of 11

    Every teacher finds it easy to create and find learning resources and activities, and insert them to a planned schedule, well connected to the learning goals.

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    Onboarding & UX

    Sharing plans in library

    PilotingLive: Q2, 2017 6 of 11

    Writing a great lesson or topic (/unit) plan can take a lot of time. That’s why we’ve made it possible to share and reuse these plans with other teachers from you school, site or even the itslearning community. We will continue to extend the content – for example files or assignments – that can be shared together with these plans as well.


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    Onboarding & UX

    Continuous improvements

    In DevelopmentLive: Q1 - Q4, 2017 7 of 11

    We’ve just released several changes to our navigation and introduced new features like Your Students and the new Profile Card. We are now closely following up the use of these and improving these based on user and customer feedback.

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    Onboarding & UX

    Message Search

    PilotingLive: Q1, 2017 8 of 11

    Users will have more options for searching and organizing their instant messages.

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    Onboarding & UX

    Embed link to resources and activities

    In PlanningLive: Q2, 2017 9 of 11

    Allow teachers to link to internal content in messages.

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    Onboarding & UX

    Embed an image

    In DevelopmentLive: Q1, 2017 10 of 11

    Use pictures to share an image and moments with my class


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    Onboarding & UX

    Post scheduling

    In PlanningLive: Q2, 2017 11 of 11

    Allow teachers to plan ahead and decide when a post is to be published.


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    itslearning Library & Content Integration

    From the Library add a learning resource to a specific course/plan (push)

    In DevelopmentLive: Q1, 2017 1 of 8

    We are implementing new workflows for adding a learning resource found in Library/Your collection to a course/plan. The teacher can then be in the Library exploring resources and select a course or a plan were the resource can be used.

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    itslearning Library & Content Integration

    Publish resource to Library from course

    In PlanningLive: Q2, 2017 2 of 8

    We are redesigning the « Add to Library » workflow the with Share/Publish flow so user meets the same Share/Publish experience and workflow when creating an resource outside the Library.

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    itslearning Library & Content Integration

    Making Library easier to use

    In PlanningLive: Q1, 2017 3 of 8

    We adding onboarding features to help our user and guide them through the important parts of the new Library. The onboarding will be implemented step-by-step.


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    itslearning Library & Content Integration

    Gooru assessments

    In DevelopmentLive: Q1, 2017 4 of 8

    We want to include Gooru assessments, which can contain questions of different types, in the library. These assessments can be added to a course and offered to your students. Results can be added to the assessment record.

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    itslearning Library & Content Integration

    Gooru course

    In DevelopmentLive: Q1, 2017 5 of 8

    Gooru offers 35 featured courses which we want to offer via our planner tool. The plans will contain the needed playlists and assessments and can be run directly with your students, or can be modified to suit your needs.

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    itslearning Library & Content Integration

    Search results 

    In Planning 6 of 8

    We are improving the library search provide the user with the most relevant results. As part of this work we also will look at how to improve the visualization of were in the resource information the search criteria was met, so the user understand why the result was presented.

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    itslearning Library & Content Integration

    Federated Search

    In Planning 7 of 8

    Include search of 3rd party content repositories integrated into the itslearning library search. Search results from 3rd parties will be interleaved with library search results to provide one comprehensive set of results. Customizable rule sets to allow for a balanced mix of search results. Supports multiple repositories and provides a filter by different collections and publishers.

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    itslearning Library & Content Integration

    Easier import of IMS Thin Common Cartridge

    In Planning 8 of 8

    We already work with over 20 content providers adding their content in our Library for teachers to use in lessons everyday. We are extending this to make 3rd party content integration as easy as possible with the goal of having Library be the desired integration point for 3rd party content providers.