2017 Start of Year Release Notes

Outside of the standard itslearning bi-weekly change release programme, Start of Year, 2017 marks the inclusion of new features on the platform as well as further enhancements, all designed to create an even better learning experience and to re-energise you for the start of the new academic year.

The itslearning learning platform caters to both basic and advanced functions according to need; the scope and breadth of what’s attainable is what differentiates us from our competitors.

The format of the document consists of a dashboard Menu highlighting all headings of the features being described, followed by detailed information on each henceforth. The Menu facilitates direct navigation to each feature by selecting (Ctrl + Click) each header. At any place in the document you can return to the dashboard Menu by selecting (Ctrl + Click) “Return to Menu”.

The information in this document aims to provide you with the best possible overview of the enhancements we’re doing in itslearning to make Start of Year 2017 a great success. Where further clarity is sought please contact your assigned Account Manager or the itslearning office at [email protected]

Any updates/changes to the content within this document will be referenced through a version uplift.

Download the SoY release notes for full product changes.

2017 itslearning SoY Release Notes


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