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Some reports come standard

All customers can benefit from the set of “Standard Reports” which come automatically embedded in your itslearning.



Instant overview of students for teachers


“Unless a student comes to me on their own, I have no way of knowing that they’re struggling with the material until their exam results come in. How can I keep track of those students’ progress when I have hundreds of students in my course?”

User Example: Agatha, Social Sciences Professor

By going into the (Standard) Progress Report, Agatha gets an overview of her students’ progress in a particular course or group — including their activity level, how many tasks they’ve completed and if they are currently working on those tasks that soon have a deadline. If she sees that a student has not begun working on a task, she can send a message as a reminder or additional resources as needed.

Helpful Standard Reports for students

User Example: Kenny, First Year Student

When reviewing his Assessment Record, Kenny finds the status and results of activities he has participated in. He can filter by term and by active or archived courses. This allows him to find assessments that are relevant to the period he is interested in. He will also see the comments left by his assessor for each individual assignment.

Tip: Students can download the itslearning mobile app (on Android and iOS) to get the full itslearning experience — submitting assignments, checking grades, downloading resources — anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Advanced Reporting


“To what extent are we using our LMS? Are we meeting our blended learning goals?”

User Example: Marie, ICT Supervisor

Marie checks the Advanced Login Report to see the amount of activity amongst students, teachers, administrators and system administrators during a set period of me (day, week, month or year). She can compare the university’s different faculties, single out roles, or see when is the most active time for users.

In the report, Marie notes that teachers in the Engineering Faculty (see 2nd graph in blue) have consistently low usage of the platform. She may need to develop a plan to motivate or teach them how to use the platform, perhaps with a professional learning course in itslearning, in order to reach their blended learning goals. Marie can also see that usage amongst students is relatively good, with predictable dips in activity over summer and winter/spring breaks.

"Ready to Go" Advanced Reports for Management

User Example: Martin, Faculty Head, Business

In the Advanced Reporting tool, Martin has access to the Learning Objectives Progress Reports, where he can compare progress by subject, faculty or course. He can gauge how his Faculty is doing in comparison with the rest of the university. (top)

The Login and Session Details Report gives Martin an overview of who is logging in and when. By clicking on the different tabs at the top, he can filter by faculty to analyse the usage of staff and students in his own faculty. (bottom)

Learning Analytics: Customised Reports

In addition to the Standard and Advanced reports, itslearning offers universities the unique opportunity to dive further into the usage of the platform, giving access to the full data warehouse. This means that universities can tailor-make reports to meet their own individual needs.

itslearning consultants are at hand to help universities customise their own reports or to integrate the reporting solution to other third party systems. There are also opportunities to export selected data to Microsoft Excel or .csv formats for further processing.



To see all of the reports available and more information about Advanced Reporting, download our full eBook.

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