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Want to learn more about developments and improvements for Fall 2018? Watch our recorded webinar as we go through each feature.

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You never stop trying to improve how you teach and how your students learn.
And we’re here to help.

itslearning + Google is even better!

Now, for assignments, not only can lecturers select Google files as attachments, but they also use Google “templates.” This creates a copy of a Google file for each student or group with A SINGLE CLICK from the professor.

Students complete and submit their assignment based on their unique copy of the file.

Lecturers can then easily provide feedback on the work while it’s still in progress or assess it upon submission.

And you can expect more exciting updates after Google and itslearning announced their partnership to deliver new major integrations. Read more here..

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360 Degrees of Reporting

Disorganised data is noise. But our 360° reports, transform that noise into insight.

Compare every student in a class before drilling down into individual student performance via clear, informative graphics.

Check progress, activity level, and time spent online.

Use these insights for better planning and deeper understanding, enabling actions and decisions that lead to success for all students.

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Engaging Peer Assessments

Now, itslearning includes the ability to use peer assessment (or ‘review’) on an assignment. To help lecturers, itslearning automatically distributes submitted work among students.

Lecturers need only to say how many answers each student should assess.

For each student, lecturers will be able to see the peer assessments received as well as the peer assessments this student has given.

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Learning Paths

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. Some students learn very quickly, others need more help. Some prefer text; others video. With our new Learning Paths, each student gets just what they need.

Lecturers can guide individual learning in a way that ensures mastery before additional material is presented. Branches can be created to allow those who “get it” to jump ahead, and those who need more help to get additional support.

This makes for a truly personalised learning experience.

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Assessing Goes All-in

We know how exhausting assessing can be. But with our all-in-one Assessment tool this task will now become easier.

It lets you assess and annotate assignments, and provide rich feedback to learners, all from ONE SCREEN.

And it’s got a super smooth navigation, so you can quickly step through each student’s work. Maybe assessing is not so complicated after all.

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Flash-free OR Flash-based A/V recording

We’ve added a new Flash-free audio/video recorder based on WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication).

And, we’ve improved our existing Flash-based media recorder. Take your pick. This flexibility creates more opportunities to teach, learn, and collaborate, regardless of hardware type.

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Safe Messaging

Learning is social, but social media is not always nice. So, we’ve made our instant messaging safer and friendlier. If a conversation is reported by a student, the professor now has the ability to moderate it. A student can also block other users. This means you keep the good parts of being social, and eliminate the risk of bullying and conflicts between users.

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View as a student

As a lecturer, have you ever wondered what your course looks like for your students? We are now adding this functionality for back to school. By simply selecting the profile you want to see directly from the course overview page you can easily switch to get the student view.

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