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For this Autumn semester 2019, we are making it easier for lecturers to use our award-winning platform by simplifying steps and adding more time-saving tools. Here are the latest and most relevant features in itslearning for Higher Education!


Stay Organised

The new course cards homepage is a smarter color-coded overview so lecturers and students can see all key courses in one view.

  • Customizable
  • Prioritise activities by due date
  • Easy to sort and organise
  • Just one click to move or hide courses no longer in use

Switch from Course page view to Updates – to see stream and revised task list.

  • Focus on the most immediate tasks
  • Hides tasks that are due much later

Enhanced Microsoft Office Integration

See what else you can do with the improved itslearning Microsoft Office Integration.

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Thousands of unique Office documents are created within itslearning every month.

Now, you can save valuable minutes with our Microsoft integration.

  • One click in assignments to make a unique copy of Office worksheets for all students
  • Quick Add files from OneDrive. Teams and SharePoint coming soon
  • Students work on Office documents directly in itslearning
  • Lecturers assess assignments directly in itslearning with the All-in-One Assessment tool

Google Integration Enhancements

A fantastic integration with Google in itslearning

  • All the great tools in one place
  • Save time by doing all the work within the platform
  • Workflow is so much quicker and simpler.

Soon, you’ll be able to work on itslearning directly from Google Calendar and add files straight from Google Drive to itslearning.

Read more on how these reports enhance student performance.

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360° Reports Upgrades

Lecturers can now share 360° Reports with students to give them ownership of their learning and create more engaged and creative learners.

And, lecturers can get a weekly summary of how their students are performing, so it is possible to use data to help students improve on their courses.

Coming Soon!

Mass Messaging

System administrators can directly reach large groups of people (students and lecturers), for instance, to announce important events during the semester.

With the mass messaging feature you can send an instant message to groups in your hierarchy or the whole organisation.

Fully mobile

Students are on mobile devices, just like their professors. Today’s learners see their educational futures built around technology, and they want to access their learning materials whenever they need them.

With the itslearning app, there are no barriers to teaching and learning as you can access learning materials anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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The Course Planner feature

The Planner in itslearning is a great tool for lecturers to organise their courses and assignments in a very efficient way.

“itslearning is intuitive and easy to use. Something that makes itslearning unique is the Planner feature. Students and teachers can easily have a great overview of their lectures, assignments, and deadlines in the platform.”

Mads Villesen, Educational IT consultant at VIA University College, Denmark

Peer assessment feature

Peer assessment saves the lecturer’s time and help students get a better understanding of the course objectives. In itslearning, peer assessment is an option within the assignment tool.

LTI & IMS integrations

As part of our ongoing commitment to interoperability with third parties, we are improving how we work with LTI 1.1 and adding support for IMS LTI Deep Linking in modules. This allows you to work with more tool and content providers directly from itslearning.

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Tutorials and Tips

We’ve created a series of tutorials and other videos to show you how to use some of our popular tools and features. We’ll keep adding to our YouTube page, so remember to check back for new videos, tips and webinars.


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