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Innovation Summit Bett 2019

Bett is the world’s largest education technology event. Each year, visitors from more than a hundred countries gather in London to inspire one another and discuss the future of EdTech. itslearning was honored to have forward-thinking educators from across the globe present a set of programs tailored for educators at our Innovation Summit at Bett 2019. Here’re some of the key presentations:

Jonathan Rochelle, Google for Education,
Krystal Weiss, Spring Branch ISB (USA)
Art LeBeau, Everman ISD (USA)
Stacey Brewer, Spark Schools (South Africa)

The itslearning G-Suite Integration

“itslearning is focused on the full cycle… they’re on the same mission to improve learning.”

Jonathan Rochelle, Product Management Director Google for Education

Intentional Technology Integration

“When we heard about the integration, there was actual cheering because the benefits were clear. Teachers save an amazing amount of time! Priceless!”

Krystal Weiss, EdTech Facilitator, Spring Branch ISB

Why We Switched To itslearning

“The workflow is much more simple! We’ve streamlined processes for teachers and students to increase engagement and maximize learning.”

Art LeBeau, Instructional Technologist, Everman ISD

Innovating Education In South Africa

“Working with itslearning and Google is going to take us to the next level. Through this partnership, we will be able to deliver on our promise to serve each and every child their specific needs.”

Stacey Brewer, co-founder of Spark Schools