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itslearning at the 3rd International Lillehammer Lifelong Learning ICDE Conference in February

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itslearning at Lillhammer Lifelong Learning Conference 2023
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Posted by: Vânia Hasegawa, itslearning

After a two-year hiatus, the Lillehammer Lifelong Learning Conference is returning. The last event was held in 2019 and a lot has changed since then. After a long period of imposed home study, new gaps are emerging in education. There is a need to reinvent physical and online meeting places for formal and informal learning, and edtech solutions such as itslearning can help improve the learning experience.

The International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) is hosting the third International Lillehammer Lifelong Learning ICDE Conference 15-17 February 2023.

In a post-pandemic time, learning spaces need to be rethought and re-invented. After a long period of imposed work from home, new gaps are evolving between employees with on-site work and those with hybrid or remote work. This poses new challenges when working towards UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular, No. 4: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all and promote lifelong learning” says the organization.

This year’s event is based on a roadmap that was created at the last event in 2019, when around 400 participants from over 30 countries met in Lillehammer for three days. The conference was divided into plenary and parallel sessions with world-renowned panellists and speakers, and was chaired by ICDE president Neil Fassina.

itslearning will be joining this Global event for the first time this year. The conference will cover a broad aspect of topics related to lifelong learning key issues, trends, and best practices on three levels:

  • Authorities and transnational organisations (policy making)
  • Education sector and public/private enterprises (development and support)
  • Recognizes singular and plurals, but also tenses of verbs
  • Educators and learners (implementation; teaching and learning)

Since lifelong learning is an important topic for us, and was discussed by a panel of Nordic experts in our latest webinar, we will be paying close attention.

Lillehammer Lifelong Learning Conference Debate

Lillehammer Lifelong Learning Conference Panel Debate. Souce: Lillehammer Lifelong Learning Conference

Education sector and public/private enterprises (development and support) subtopics:

  • Lifelong learning collaboration between employers, educators and learners
  • Technologies and infrastructure for access, inclusion and personalized learning paths
  • Lifelong learning in the digital age – learning analytics, privacy issues and cyber security
  • Educators and learners (implementation; teaching and learning)
  • Raising the professional recognition of the credentials of lifelong learning educators
  • Innovative and creative jobs of the future
  • Best practices

What other topics can we expect to be covered this year?

  • Lifewide learning: Learning taking place in formal, informal and non-formal contexts
  • The digital transformation: The role of lifelong learning in the digital shift
  • Career guidance for lifelong employability: Lifelong guidance supporting career development and careers guidance systems
  • Online assessment: Challenges, practices and new developments
  • Upskill and reskill: Strategies and implementation of continuing competence building and retraining to remain, or become, employable
  • Inclusive learning: Approaching learning and education regardless of the learner’s background, identity, needs and abilities
  • The past, presence and future of lifelong learning: Lifelong learning as a concept has a long and significant history which impacts the future
  • And more.
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Dr. Neil Fassina – Chair at Lillehammer Lifelong Learning ICDE Conference. Souce: Lillehammer Lifelong Learning ICDE Conference

Are you going to be at the Conference? Visit us at Weidemannsal 3+4.

itslearning is the Learning Management System (LMS) that takes your institution to the next level, and we are eager to present our solution to everyone at the ICDE Lillehammer Lifelong Learning Conference 2023. Our friendly colleagues will be there with some nice surprises and all the info you need. Learn more about what we have prepared for ICDE Lillehammer Lifelong Learning Conference!

Here’s why itslearning is the leading European partner for effective and secure LMS implementation:

  • Strongly focused on Data Security
  • Local support in the Nordics, UK and Central Europe
  • Built with a user-centric approach
  • Developed in close collaboration with educational institutions
  • Open and easy to integrate with 3rd party tools
  • Mobile-friendly solution

Visit our website to see what we have for you during the Lillehammer Lifelong Learning ICDE Conference!

Are you interested in learning more about how itslearning can enhance learning experiences? Request a free demo.

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