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Leading the way

Norway and Finland have been recognised for their exemplary education system, based on technology and trust, by the US-based Consortium for School Networking.

itslearning has been the preferred learning management system in Norway for 20 years and one of the top players in the Finnish education sector.

“(Norway and Finland)… are using technology effectively while making investments in their individual teachers and students,”

Tom Ryan, Chair of CoSN Board of Directors.

Our platform supports

Real-time communication

Individual Learning Paths which build a strong learning culture

Collaborative learning

The senior group from CoSN found that schools in both countries empower education by emphasizing formative assessment and using data in real time. They also invest in students by cultivating the mindset for lifelong learning and digital competency.

By integrating technology into the classroom, we give educators the tools to teach in an engaging and meaningful way for the best possible learning outcomes. Our platform fosters digitally competent and independent thinkers.

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