April 4-5 Bergen, Norway

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To introduce the Fronter upgrade you’ve all been waiting for and inspire new perspectives on education through discourse, networking, and collaboration.

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A brilliant future just got brighter!

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This Fronter upgrade is the biggest yet.

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Technology is changing the way students learn. But edtech is also boosting the role of educators, making teachers more important than ever.

Which is where Fronter 19 comes in. It gives you infinite possibilities such as cloud integrations (use your favorite Microsoft and Google tools in ONE single platform), plan like a pro, rich 360° insights about each student, and even predictive analytics of student behavior.​

That’s just the education management part.

Wait till you see the new and fun features we have that put equal emphasis on the learning element.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can make some segments of a teacher’s life easier, but with everything changing so quickly, leaders occasionally need to pause, — and possibly reset — how they may best support their educators. ​

One way is with a digital hub.

Which is why we have enhanced Fronter to give teachers all the necessary tools to simplify teaching, foster learning and encourage sharing.

And the best part, Fronter 19 is fully mobile.

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More to Come

See how a hub is both a vision for tomorrow and a reality for today.

Through discussions, case studies, and collaborative workshops, we’ll dig deep into how a hub can solve common pains faced by educators, become a vital data source for managing organization change, and enable those essential human connections and mentoring to flourish.

We don’t want to give too much away, but this 2-day conference is a great opportunity for you to meet, mingle, learn and share ideas with other Fronter users and our Fronter experts. Bring your friends and fasten your seat belts!


april 4 – Pedagogical


april 5 – Technical

Beautiful Bergen

The Fronter 19 conference is being held in the World Heritage City of Bergen, Norway. You will be tucked away in one of Bergen’s main attractions, Bryggen, which consists of the old Hanseatic wharf and buildings, and one of the best known urban areas from the Middle Ages in all of Norway. There’re many attractions in the area, from the Fish Market to Bergenhus Fortress, and plenty of cafés, bars, restaurants and shops.