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The Fronter 19 Workflow

Fronter 19 is designed to support teachers’ workflow, so that you can focus on planning, teaching and assessing learning.

Fronter 19 Capabilities

  • Plan
  • Teach
  • Assess
  • Analyze

Plan | Personalise | Communicate

Teachers typically start a learning plan for students by setting an achievement goal that will be used to measure student progress.

In Fronter 19, you can use national or locally adjusted curriculum standards to set goals.

We’ve also introduced a powerful planning tool. This feature makes it easy to structure resources and give context, so students know what to do and when to do it. Simply add resources from your computer, cloud service or the web. The planner is a very flexible tool – you can customise the settings to meet your needs. For instance, connect the national curriculum to your plan and get a report of what’s been covered over time.

Communication is also so much easier in Fronter 19 which is fully mobile. We’ve replaced sticky notes with a modern messaging tool which will notify you when you need it. You can send messages to a whole course, individuals or both. All this can be done in the new Fronter 19 app as well.

Individual Learning Plans | Cloud Integrations | Library

Great teachers help pupils learn new things every day, using a variety of tools and methods.

Set up Individual Learning Plans to help students master learning at their own pace. Give students tests that they need to pass to “level up”. If they fail, demonstrating that they have not learnt what you set out to teach, you have the opportunity to present the material in a new way.

Use the Library feature in Fronter 19 to access, create and share resources with other educators. We’ve now made it easier for you to add resources in assignments for your students.

We’ve also integrated Google documents and Microsoft Office Online so that you can use your favourite online tools within Fronter 19. View, edit, share, collaborate and more, directly in the browser, without having to download any files. Even better, create a copy of the assignment for each student with just one click in the Assignment tool, so they can start working right away.

Learning Outcomes | Assignments | Feedback

Ongoing assessment is key to ensuring that students understand lessons and are not left behind. Teachers know this.

We also know that pupils benefit hugely and gain confidence from self-assessment.

Fronter 19 has many tools that allow teachers and students to collaborate and communicate to ensure continuous learning.

When you connect learning objectives to Assignments, Tests or Tasks, you can track a student’s progress throughout a course. Immediately add feedback through Fronter 19’s Flash-free audio and video tool, and prevent copying with plagiarism control which detects reproduced work.

The outcome of all written assessment in the tests and assignments will, together with the work done by the student, end up documented in the student’s portfolio.

Reporting Analytics | 360° Reports

Fronter 19 comes with a range of reporting capabilities to help teachers monitor student development, such as course level reports, administrator reports and advanced reports.

There’s also the option to customise reports.

360° Reports give teachers a graphical overview of how each student is engaging and progressing with course content. It can be a great starting point for creating Individual Learning Plans to evaluate a student’s performance against set objectives.

This allows for better evaluation, better planning and better teaching and learning.