The future is Fronter

A strong, fully-featured, completely mobile platform that combines digital tools and resources to support teaching.

Get Started

Here’s a quick guide to getting started with Fronter 19 for teachers. If you’re a Fronter Administrator, you will find the information you need by clicking the Resources button below and selecting Admin Support:


A quick introduction

Welcome to a new Fronter experience. This guide will cover the difference between the existing Fronter platform and Fronter 19, and the resulting process changes. This means fewer clicks and a more functional and mobile platform!

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Set up a Course

This video will show you how to create a new course in Fronter 19 and add students to your course. Many Rooms have been moved from the previous version of Fronter, and are now Courses in Fronter 19, so it’s a good idea to check first to see if your course already exists. Click on the video to get started.

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Moving content to Fronter 19

We’ve made it really easy to move your Fronter course material to Fronter 19. Just use the custom Content Import Tool. It’s a simple 2-step process and this video will walk you through it. This is a great opportunity for some spring cleaning, so we recommend you only move the material you need.

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Fronter 19 comes with a new planning feature that makes it easy for teachers to organise their teaching. It also lets students know what to do and when to do it in a structured way as this video will show you. Plans can be adjusted to fit your needs.

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Inform and Communicate

Fronter 19 makes it easy for teachers to communicate with parents and students. You have the option of using either Announcements (which can be posted across multiple courses) or Messages. Learn how in this video.

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Assess and Follow-up

Assessment is key to ensuring that students understand what is being taught. Fronter 19 allows teachers to track student progress either through the Assessment Scale or Learning Objectives which can be linked to standards from the national curriculum that are aligned with course resources.

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We have improved the workflow of assignments in Fronter 19 so that it’s easier to create, assign, submit and grade assignments. Not only is it fewer clicks, it can all be done within the Fronter 19 platform. This video will show you how.

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Task is a new feature in Fronter 19. It can be used in many ways, like to assign homework and assess students on non-digital submissions - such as oral presentations or artwork. Watch the video to learn how to use Task.

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Testing is a crucial part of learning and assessment. Fronter 19 comes with an enhanced test tool which works well on mobile devices. If you had tests in the previous Fronter, they can also be imported to Fronter 19 and will get all the new functionality. See how in the video.

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Schedule with ease using the Fronter 19 calendar tool. It syncs well on all devices, and you can even connect events to your phone’s calendar. Watch the video or check out the step-by-step PDF guide below.

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Create, share and collaborate with educators all around the world with the Library features in Fronter 19. It also contains plenty of great resource materials from 3rd party content providers. All the content in the Library can be added to your course, a specific course plan or your collection.

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