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Espoo, the second biggest city in Finland, launched a collaborative project called KYKY Accelerated Co-Creation and it’s powered by Fronter! Since its initiation, it has gained praise from around the globe.

The KYKY activity opens up schools and cities, turning them into living labs that support students’ learning and growth, while giving companies an environment to develop products and services to support learning. It recognizes that today’s companies lack real understanding of today’s school life, pedagogy and curriculum, and is creating a new operating model to overcome the challenge. So far, schools participating in the program have seen an increase in the digital skills of students and teachers, as well as their understanding of entrepreneurship as they rub shoulders with company employees.

Let’s take a closer look:

Read more about KYKY:
KYKY mentioned on OECD’s Observatory of Public Sector Innovation
KYKY received an honorary award from Laatukeskus, Excellence Finland
KYKY came in as a close second on Espoo Mayor’s Innovation competetion
Espoo is honored as 2018 the most intelligent community in the world. Read how KYKY Accelerated Co-Creation is part of that.
KYKY homepage
Follow KYKY on Twitter at #KYKY2018

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