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The International Association for Air Travel (IATA) recently awarded Katarina Nygren the prize for being the best online teacher. Katarina founded ProNordic education in 2004 and has been using Fronter since.

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Katarina Nygren recently received the “best online teacher for travel education in Europe” award. Nygren received the award at the conference for global training partners for the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Image: Katarina Nygren (middle) at the IATA-award ceremony in Columbo, Sri Lanka.

The prize was a result of many years of hard work refining online education with Fronter, where the main focus has been to be present online for her students.

When Katarina discovered a need for IATA-education in Sweden and the Nordic countries, she started ProNordic in 2004. She decided to create an online program, to make the education available for more people – especially people who worked or lived elsewhere.

Discovered Fronter

To succeed with online education, Nygren needed a learning management system. After doing extensive research, she found Fronter which seemed promising. A license was bought and Katarina experienced that the platform was easy to use and a good fit for her online course.

“I read about Fronter and it looked good and easy to use. Additionally, Fronter had statistical tools that I wanted to use in my courses”. Katarina explains.

Katarina spent one full year creating her online education program. Nygren´s main focus was to create informative videos that would always be accessible to her students.

“It took a lot of hard work to develop my online course. One year from start until I got it exactly as I wished. My goal was to create a digital classromm that was as pedagocical as possible”, Katarina explains.

Communication is essential in online learning

After the students were admitted to the course, they all met at ProNordic office in Stockholm. That way students and teachers alike could get to know each other. That fact that the class have met each other and the teachers have a huge positive effect on communication and collaboration in her courses.

Image: Students and teachers meeting up in Stockholm.

Good communication from the get-go has always been a cornerstone of the ProNordic education, and according to Katarina, it is a big factor in explaining their success.

“One of the most important things in online learning, is to have a classroom that’s alive. It means that we as teachers must always must be active in Fronter, and answer students as fast as possible. You can make the online classroom come alive with something as simple as saying have a great weekend to your students,” Katarina explains.

Quality feedback to all students

Another important success factor has been to give students good feedback. Katarina and colleagues have heard that their counseling and feedback in Fronter has been the among the most valuable assets to succeed in the program.

Image: Two student’s studying in the ProNordic office in Stockholm.

“What’s great about Fronter is having access to all the resources we have created throughout the years, such as videos or discussions. Students learn by communication with each other and by sharing their knowledge. With Fronter they can leave behind valuable learning to new generations, Katerina describes.

Landed job before examination

The ProNordic education is a 20-week program, where the students must prepare to work at least 25 hours per week before final exams and IATA-certification. Students exanimated from ProNordic is attractive in the workforce – of the class of 2016, 10 students had already landed a job before the examination.

“If you have a great online course combined with a great learning platform, anyone can accomplish education online,” Katarina finishes.

Read more about ProNordic Education at their website.


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