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We’re very proud of the Fronter Champion Schools – they do a fantastic job of not only realising many imaginative and interesting ways…

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Fronter Champions from all over the UK will be represented at the Conference.

We’re very proud of the Fronter Champion Schools – they do a fantastic job of not only realising many imaginative and interesting ways of using Fronter in their own schools for the benefit of their teachers and pupils, but they openly and willingly share their excellent practice with many other schools.

Douglas MacGregor from High School of Glasgow will lead a seminar about how they make use of the Goal tool in Fronter to encourage students to monitor and engage with their own progress, improvement and learning.
Jane Burton from Trafalgar Infants will talk about building and maintaining relationships between home and school, with Fronter as the trusted, accessible, safe and reliable platform which sits quietly underneath this vital aspect of school life.

Paul Clowrey from Hayfield School, Doncaster is bringing his school’s Swiss Army knife to the Fronter show and tell, in the form of his Fronter VLE. (London colleagues know this as the MLE.) At Hayfield, they use Fronter for just about everything.

Southend High School for Girls will introduce the concept of Maths Angels in a seminar presented by Sarah Imbush. Sarah is a master of finding creative ways to use Fronter to engage and support pupils across all ability ranges. Her Maths Angels project has had far reaching and positive outcomes for her high flyers as well as students who have struggled with maths.

PS – Last year, Southend High School for Girls had their best results ever in Maths GCSE and A level – many congrats to all concerned!

Walthamstow School for Girls decided to take a fresh approach to the new Computing Curriculum. Using Fronter as the main portal for a new course, they developed a new assessment methodology and detailed online multimedia lessons which included shared assessment criteria, home learning opportunities and an opportunity for students to have their say in how the units should be improved to better meet their needs. This seminar will outline the process the school went through and how they used Fronter to support this process.

James Hamer from King James School in North Yorkshire will talk about how his school uses Fronter as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything from the school handbook (which no longer exists in physical form) to daily news and info updates for all pupils and staff.

Blackfen School for Girls will lead a seminar about how they engage KS3 and KS4 MFL pupils with resources and online activities via Fronter. This presentation will be given by Jules Carter who has been using Fronter since 2007.

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