Conference 2015, it’s over for another year

It’s over for another year and we were pleased to see so many of you at our user conference…

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It’s over for another year and we were pleased to see so many of you at our user conference last week. We invited you to be:

  • Inspired
  • Informed
  • Introduced

Matthew Sullivan shared the work he’s been doing in his own classroom using comics and comic book characters to engage children in literacy and language. He also talked about how you can use technology, such as Creaza, to help deliver this. Matthew was a great a start to the day and from the comments as people drifted off to seminars, you were inspired and were thinking of ways to clone him for your own schools!

Our Champion schools did us proud as always, travelling from around the UK including Glasgow, Yorkshire and Southend to share their knowledge and skills. Sarah from Southend talked about their Maths Angels project using technology to deliver outreach work from school and involving both students and staff.

Simon Vines and the team from Priory School, Croydon introduced participants to their ideas on the importanceand use of individual profile rooms for students with special needs as an ongoing development resource for the school, the student and parents. A particular emphasis was placed on engaging the whole school partnership, especially parents in learning and communication.

Douglas MacGregor showed us how The High School of Glasgow uses the Goal tool in Fronter to provide their students with constant assessment feedback. Their school-wide system also enables students to self-assess and parents to view their child’s progress online – day or night. Goals have been linked to learning resources within their Fronter learning platform, online, or in textbooks, so students can not only see what they need to do to make further progress, but they can see where to go to get appropriate support to achieve their goals. The system also enables teachers to quickly identify areas of learning that need revision.

Our own team highlighted new features such as the News tool, the Assignment tool and how they feed into our new mobile app. If you’d like to know more you can join one of webinars over the next few weeks.
We know many of you took the opportunity to meet your Customer Success Manager and to book school visits with them, please get in touch if you’d like to book a visit.

We’re reading and analysing your feedback so that we can make next years conference even better. See you in 2016.

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