Feedback loop – a great new function in Assignment

We have released the first version of our great new function in Assignment: the Feedback loop.

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Many of you have asked us for a better way of communication between teachers and students within the Assignment tool. Today we are happy to announce that we are going to release the first version of our great new function in Assignment: the Feedback loop!



The Feedback loop is a way for teachers and students to give each other comments within a submission of an assignment.



Once a student has submitted a file (and only after it is submitted), the teacher and the student will be able to see the feedback loop. You will see a text field where you can add feedback and comments. Additionally, you can also see status changes.

The teacher or student is able to toggle between showing either the latest two messages in the feedback loop or the entire feedback history, which includes the status changes to the assignment. Check the check box Show all feedback below the text fields to toggle.



The displayed status information can vary between teachers and students. The status ‘Evaluation in Progress’ is not shown to students, only to teachers. The feedback loop can still be used after the assignment is evaluated. The Feedback loop was released for all our customers on 19.07.2017.

Note: There is not yet any notifications related to the feedback loop. The teacher and the student need to manually check for new comments.

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