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Oppland National Parks use Fronter to train seasonal workers online…

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Oppland National Parks use Fronter to train seasonal workers online

Oppland county is considered to be one of the most beautiful regions in Norway. The area includes seven national parks, the most famous of which is Jotunheimen – known for skiing, hiking, fishing and its stunning scenery!

Each year people from over 47 countries visit Jotunheimen to hunt, fish, ski, hike and climb. The more adventurous go kiting, hang-gliding and snowmobiling.

Visitors to Oppland County often ask employees of local hotels, restaurants and tourist information offices questions about the local parks. For this reason, national park managers decided to train tourist business staff to be able to answer frequently asked questions.

Marit Vorkinn (Project Leader for the County Governor of Oppland) explains, “The reason why we chose an internet based information/training system is that seasonal workers start at different times of the year, which makes it difficult to gather them into a traditional classroom setting. The online course gives them the opportunity to attend training at the time they find most suitable, either at home or when they have arrived at the workplace.”

Course topics include:

  • Biking in the park
  • Guided tours
  • Answers to common tourist questions
  • Wild reindeer


Park managers decided to use the Fronter platform to deliver their training course. The platform allows them to easily adapt course material to reflect new park laws and current wildlife conditions. After studying the topics, workers take a short online test. Marit reports, “It’s cost and time saving for national park managers.”

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