Fronter releases End of October – 2018 Releases 12 and 13

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The following was released during October – 2018 – (release 12 and 13):

As mentioned earlier, itslearning has made som echanges to the release process for Fronter. We now do weekly releases, and we will keep updating you on the coming releases here.

Front page – Links – pop-up windows – For security reasons we have removed the option to select pop-up windows when editing/adding links from the CK editor.

Admin- global navigation – removing groups from nodes We had a bug that prevented admin users from removing groups from a node. This is now fixed

Today Page – News- we have fixed a bug that appeared when changing the ‘Active From’ date of an existing News. It was not visible for students in the News tool, but only on the Today page. This is now visible both places.

Members page – Printing a Fronter page – We had a bug that caused only the visible part of a page to be printed – and not the whole page, if you had to scroll to see all content on the page. This is now fixed, and the whole page will be printed if you select “Print” from the upper right corner of a page.

Fronter to itslearning Migration tool – Tests – We are continuing to develop a tool that makes it easier to move content from Fronter to itslearning, for our customers that have chosen to continue to work with itslearning in the future, but moving to our other LMS, itslearning. It is already possible to move files from Fronter to itslearning, and we are now getting closer to also being able to move Tests, with some limitations. Please contact your account manager if you have any questions related to this.