Fronter releases – what’s happening after the summer of 2018?

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As announced before the summer the release activity has been reduced during the summer months. This, however does not mean that we haven’t been working very hard to improve Fronter.

We have also worked hard to smash some bugs related to the new Copy Room functionality that we upgraded earlier this spring. But as soon as we got aware of the bugs, we put every resource available on fixing it as quickly as possible. And now we do believe that it should be quick and trouble free to copy rooms in Fronter.

For those of you that wants to make the move from Fronter to the itslearning platform, we are improving the Migration tool that simplifies the process.

We are also working on a new Roadmap for Fronter for the last quarter of 2018, and moving into 2019. Fronter is still alive, and we have plans for the future!

We also have some new and exiting stuff coming your way very soon!

  • We are close to completing some major upgrades, that we believe you will appreciate, to the Assignment Tool in Fronter.
  • A new Audio and Video Recorder is also just around the corner. We will very soon introduce Ziggeo.
  • We will also introduce an upgraded version of Fronters file uploader

On the security side of things, and related to the newly introduced GDPR regulations inside EU, we want you to be aware that if you want to remove users according to the GDPR regulations, you cannot simply delete a user yourself inside Fronter. Even if it is possible (for a few top level users) to delete users Рyou still need to get in touch with your local Fronter support agent, if you need to remove a user according to GDPR. We have made a warning inside Fronter to those users that have access to delete users, just to be on the safe side. You can read more about GDPR here;

Of minor things we have fixed during the summer is;

  • Absence – added the possibility to add pre-defined periods to Absence reports
  • Room Tool – fixed a bug related to using arrows up and down when editing tools
  • Goal Tool – fixed a bug that in some cases allowed students to self evaluate, even when self evaluation was not supposed to be allowed, and also a bug related to comments
  • ILP – export – fixed a bug that prevented the export when some files was not found. This files are now skipped, to avoid the export of the rest of the files from failing

From Monday 27th of August, we will return to regularly update you on Fronter releases – SO STAY TUNED!