Fronter releases week 14 – 2018

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The following was released during week 14 – 2018:

  • Absence Tool – some minor adjustments to the Whole Day Absence registration, to make things smoother. A full update of Absence Tool , Whole Day Absence registration will be available end of April (this is later than previously estimated).
  • Absence Tool – Comments – closed a potential security issue, that in rare cases could make students see information they were not supposed to see.
  • Test Tool – Fixed an issue where comments made by the Teacher did not get saved. We have now added a warning that will let you know if you try to navigate away without saving the added comment.
  • Test Tool – Learning path – Fixed a bug that prevented a warning message to appear.
  • Test Tool – statistics – Fixed a bug that would allow a user to select disabled items from a list, if they clicked “Select all”. This is no longer possible.
  • Portfolio – Goals – Comments – Fixed a bug that showed wrong time for users in Finnish time zone
  • Global Navigation – Nordlys skin – We are continuously making improvements to our latest Nordlys skin, that is now available in Fronter. One of the latest improvements, is that you now will be able to see your initials in the User Avatar, so it is easier to tell what account you are logged in with.