Fronter releases week 15 – 2018

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The following was released during week 15 – 2018:

  • Absence Tool –  A full update of Absence Tool , Whole Day Absence registration will be available end of April – information and user manual will be provided, as there will be some major changes to the User Experience. Behaviour should however remain the same, with the option to make Whole Day Absence registration easier
  • Assignment Tool – Today Page – Notifications – We have now added assignments given to the students to the Notifications on the Today page. This should make it easier for the student to keep track of his/her Assignments. Please note that not all students have enabled Notifications to their today page. This can either be fixed by the school administrator, or in some cases be set by the students themselves. Contact your local Fronter support agent if you need help enabling Notifications on the Today page.
  • Test Tool – Indicator – We have now implemented a “spinning wheel” to our test Tool, to give an indication to the student that the page is loading, if loading of the next page in a test is slow. This should prevent students from not completing tests if the systems performance is slow
  • Test Tool – Performance/loading speed – We have now improved the performance of the Test Tool, making navigation within a test faster. This way a student should not have to wait long for the next page to load. This improvement should especially be noticeable for tests created for a large amount of students.
  • Members Tool – Adding New Member – We have fixed a bug that in some cases prevented pagination to be displayed.
  • Global  Navigation – Full Screen Mode – We have fixed a bug that prevented some navigational buttons to function properly when the content of a page was set to full screen
  • Global Navigation – Nordlys skin – We are continuously making improvements to our latest Nordlys skin, that is now available in Fronter. One of the latest improvements, is that we have added a border to the user avatar, making it easier to distinguish the avatar from the background, especially if the background of the picture or the users initials is white/bright. Please contact your local Fronter support if you want help enabling the Nordlys skin for your users.