Fronter releases week 35

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The following was released during week 35:

  • Absence tool
    – New functionality was added to support registering and following up student absence in subjects according to configurable absence codes and absence limits.  This functionality was added in response to Norwegian legislation added for the school year 2016/17, which stated that high school students that had more than 10% absence in any subject would not be entitled to receive a grade in that subject unless the absence was certified by a doctor.  Teachers had a lot of extra work to follow up on these new regulations during the last school year, and with this new functionality in Fronter we aim to reduce teacher workload while at the same time making it easier for all involved parties to keep a good overview of student absence, and easily track students at risk of not receiving a grade in a subject due to high absence.  While this functionality was developed in response to needs in the Norwegian market, it has been made generic and configurable, meaning it could be used by any school in any country that want to keep better track of student absence towards configurable absence codes and absence limits.  This initial release includes required functionality for school administrators, subject teachers and tutors to configure, register and view student absence, and will be followed  shortly with functionality for students so they can keep track of their own absence.  The functionality has only been enabled for Norwegian high school customers.  If your school would like this functionality enabled, please contact your local Fronter Support.
    – Released a hotfix of an issue caused by the above release which prevented carers with many children to view absence for more than one child.
  • Admin module
    – Fixed an issue that could occur when importing or updating users with a text file to an already imported group, the import source of that group would be incorrectly updated to INSTALLATIONNAME-CSV_importer and the group would be given a new import ID.  This could create double groups, or groups that would not update correctly.  This has now been fixed.
  • Learning path
    – Fixed an issue in learning paths if the user selected “Choose” in the drop down menu.  This would take the user to a blank page, whereas the correct behavior is to stay on the current page.  This is now fixed.