Fronter releases week 39

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The following was released during week 39:

  • Absence tool
    – Fixed an issue with new 10% absence limit where some absence codes that were not supposed to be counted towards the limit was erroneously included.  This has now been fixed.
    – Fixed and issue with new 10% absence limit where some absence codes were not correctly included in the absence limit calculation.  This has now been fixed.
    – Fixed an issue where the “Show all lessons” checkbox could be missing in the “My schedule” subtab teacher view.  This only occurred if the “Warning letter” setting was switched off.  This has now been fixed.
  • Contact search
    – Changed the default behaviour for the “Add to group” tab so that it is NOT expanded by default when a user opens a contact card.  This to avoid problems with long loading times or potentially timeouts for administrators in large installations where there might be thousands of groups to display.
  • Integration framework
    – Fixed a screen refresh issue where if an administrator were trying to delete several groups under a specific node, e.g. all carers within the carers imported group, the first delete would work fine, but for subsequent deletions the tree view would not be correctly refreshed, giving the user the impression that no deletion had taken place, when the group was in fact deleted.  This refresh issue has now been fixed.