Fronter releases week 04 – 2018

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The following was released during week 4 – 2018:

  • New skin – NORDLYS released! We are proud to announce that we finally have released the new and modern Nordlys skin! This skin will give Fronter a updated user interface, both in the web application, and especially for tablets/iPads – that more and more schools are using. This first iteration has focused on the global navigation, and freeing up space on the screen for the content on a page. The skin has to be activated for your building by the admin. It is very flexible in terms of who can start using the new skin. We advice you to start with a smaller group to use it in your building, before we roll it out in a bigger scale. If you need help setting this up, please contact your local itslearning/Fronter contact.
  • Media Uploader – unreadable label/heading: For some users, it was a problem that you could not read the name of the file you were uploading. This has now been fixed.