Fronter releases week 40

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The following was released during week 40:

  • Integration framework
    – Fixed an issue with the CSV export function that is available from Contacts.  The fix removed a trailing semicolon that was written to the end of each record that could cause issues when importing the same file
    – Fixed and issue with the CSV importer in Admin module, so that it ignores any trailing columns if the imported file contains more columns than expected
    – Did an improvement to show the tools list instead of an error message if the group/node in the Admin module doesn’t have “Fronter integration setup” tool
  • Absence tool
    – Fixed an issue with warning letters.  If a warning template was set in admin, it was not showing for teachers when adding a new warning letter for students in that group, meaning the teacher was not able to make use of the template when creating a new warning letter.  This has now been fixed.  We also added a check so that if a template is not present for that particular group, but the parent node has one, it will use the template from the parent node.
    – Fixed an issue with the editor in the Absence tool, where on some occasions the text added by the user was not saved from the CK Editor