Fronter releases week 45

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The following was released during week 45:

  • Admin module
    – Changed message that is given to user if a user account is locked out to prevent giving out too detailed information that could be used in an attack
  • Resources tool
    – Fixed an issue where firstname and surname was shown in wrong order if user tries to access History on a file that has more than one version
  • Copy Room tool
    – Fixed an issue where content from Handin tool could sometimes fail during copy room operation
  • Portfolio / Goal tool
    – Fixed an issue in the Goal tool in Portfolio, where if you try to view the grade/evaluation of a certain goal for a certain student, and do a mouse-over over the grade/evaluation, you will see which teacher last updated this grade/evaluation.  This data was sometimes not correctly updated, and you would see the correct date for the update, but with the name of the teacher that did the previous grade/evaluation, and not the last/current one.  This has now been fixed.
  • Room list/Room navigation
    – Fixed an issue in the “Choose” dropdown on a room’s Today page, where the item named “Choose” was duplicated and nothing happened if you selected it.
  • Assignment tool
    – Fixed an issue when a user updates an annotation in preview mode, when the annotation was edited the second time the user could get an error message and the changes were not saved.  This has now been fixed.
  • Test & Question DB
    – In rooms with many (several thousands) members there could be an issue with pagination and export of test results.  This has now been fixed when no filters have been applied.  An issue still exist if filters are applied.  Further work is ongoing to improve this and other issues with such large rooms.