Fronter releases week 46

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The following was released during week 46:

  • Absence tool
    – Added ability to sort on Last Name in the Absence Treshold tab.
  • Members tool
    – Fixed an issue with imported or copied rooms, where an administrator was not able to manually search for or add groups to a room when going to the Members tool in a room and choosing “Add New or Edit Members”, unless the administrator was first set as room owner.  This has now been fixed, and administrators can search for or add groups to rooms without having been set as room owner.
  • Resources tool
    – Fixed an issue where the “Folder” dropdown menu would not close unless the user clicked on another dropdown menu.  This has now been fixed.
  • Integration framework
    – Added validation to the SIF Translator plugin for the following required SIF objects: SchoolInfo, ShoolGroup, LearnerPersonal, LearnerGroupEnrolment, WorkforcePersonal and SchoolGroupType.  Also improved logging for invalid SIF XML files.