Fronter releases week 47

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The following was released during week 47:

  • Portfolio tool
    – Fixed an issue in Portfolio, where if you as a teacher go to the ‘Result matrix’ tab in Portfolio, click on ‘View all’ and select one specific student in the dropdown list, you would still see all students in the list when you click ‘View’.  This has now been fixed and only the selected student is shown.
  • Ephorus plagiarism check in Assignment and Hand-In tools
    – There was a bug that when an Ephorus job was registered in either Assignment or Hand-In tool, and it was an ISO building, the names of the students that had non-latin characters were removed.  This has now been fixed and names of all students are sent to Ephorus.
  • Admin tool
    – Fixed an issue with navigation that could stop working in certain cases if you as an administrator enabled the setting ‘Active room selector with favourite room section’ and then in ‘Rooms > Display all rooms’  checked all rooms and selected ‘Add to favourite rooms’.  This could in some cases get navigation to stop working until the browser was manually refreshed.  This has now been fixed, and navigation works as normal without any need for refresh even if rooms are added to favourites.