Fronter releases week 48

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The following was released during week 48:

  • Absence tool
    – Fixed an issue with the icon used for ordering in the Absence limit tab which would not display properly in some ISO buildings
    – Added a message to the teacher/tutor that informs that updating whole day absence does not automatically update all related subject absences. It is therefore important that the teacher/tutor remembers to update subject absence separately for the subject absence threshold calculations to be correct.  We are currently working on a permanent solution that will update subject absences automatically when whole day absence is set.
    – Fixed an issue with the ‘Print view’ button sometimes not working when the teacher/tutor tries to print a warning letter in Absence > Grades > Warning letters
  • Calendar tool
    – Fixed an issue with week numbers that did not show correctly for languages where the first day of the week starts on a Monday.  Example: For October 16, 2017 it would show week 43 when language was set to Norwegian instead of week 42 which is correct.
  • Copy room for Tasmania
    – Increased the memory limit on the servers running the Copy room tool in the Tasmania hosting center to support copying larger rooms.  Customers running on the Oslo and Malta hosting centers already have the increased memory limit configured.