Fronter releases week 05 – 2018

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The following was released during week 5 – 2018:

  • Absence – Absence Threshold – Whole day Absence Grid on and Whole day Absence grid off. Last fall we introduced the 10% Absence Threshold functionality inside the Absence Tool. This is to measure how much absence a student has in a specific subject. The first release of this new functionality only allowed Teaching staff to add absence on each subject during a day. If you added absence for a whole day, you still had to add absence to each subject, for it to be measured towards the % absence calculation. With this latest update, we aim to reduce this double registration. So, if you add whole day absence, it should also be measured towards the % absence calculation, without having to update each subject on top of the whole day. PLEASE NOTE: There seems to be some inconsistency with this update. We are investigating it, and will inform you as soon as we have an overview of the inconsistency.
  • Absence – Grades – comments: We fixed a bug where you where not able to toggle the grades comments on and off. This is now possible.
  • Absence – Warning letters templates: We fixed a bug where templates for warning letters created by Administrators, sometimes was not visible and selectable for teachers. This is now fixed.