Fronter releases week 08 – 2018

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The following was released during week 8 – 2018:

  • Absence Tool – A couple of weeks ago we released an update to our Absence Tool, allowing tutors to add Whole Day Absence (WDA) in a way that also updated the students threshold absence (percentage absence) in a subject. This update however, caused an issue that did not allow subject teachers to update the absence codes. This is now improved so subject teachers also can update absence on a students subject.
  • Absence Tool – We have added an visible indicator to the subject code – an underline – that indicates that a students absence is updated by a subject teacher, on a subject group.
  • Absence Tool – fixed a bug that prevented the Assignment Tool to be opened if you used some languages. This has now been fixed.
  • Fronter Search functionality – we have improved the indexing of the search to collect more information. This will make it easier to find relevant content inside Fronter faster. We are continuously working on improving Fronters search functionality.
  • Assignment Tool – Fixed a bug that prevented some users access to the Assignment Tool. This is now fixed.