Fronter releases September – 2018 Releases 8, 9, 10 and 11

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The following was released during October – 2018 – (release 8, 9, 10 and 11):

As mentioned earlier, itslearning has made som changes to the release process for Fronter. We now do weekly releases, and we will keep updating you on the coming releases here

Members page – Room List / Room navigation – We had a bug that caused the “select all” box at the top did not behave as expected. This is now fixed, and if you click the box, all room members will be selected.

Members page – send e-mail – Send e-mail to selected – We had a problem in Chrome, that caused not all copied e-mails to be copied when clicking “Send e-mail to selected”. It turned out that this was a limitations in different browsers, and that it was not possible to create a fix for this inside Fronter. We have noe added a warning letting the users know that maybe not all e-mail addresses will be copied.

Fronter to itslearning Migration tool – Tests – We are continuing to develop a tool that makes it easier to move content from Fronter to itslearning, for our customers that have chosen to continue to work with itslearning in the future, but moving to our other LMS, itslearning. It is already possible to move files from Fronter to itslearning, and we are now getting closer to also being able to move Tests, with some limitations. Please contact your account manager if you have any questions related to this.

iOS – iPad and iPhones – scrolling right- we had a bug that sometimes prevented the user from  scrolling to the right if there was content not fitting in the screen for iPads and iPhones. This should now work properly again.

Members page – tooltip – We had a bug that prevented a tooltip in Fronter to be displayed to any other users than Norwegian. This is now fixes, and the tooltip is now available in all supported languages.

Assignment – Student evaluation – Overall feedback – There was a bug causing the assignment to get locked for students when the “Save” button was clicked for “Overall feedback”, even if the assignment was not evaluated. This would then prevent the student for editing his assignment. This has now been fixed by not making it possible to save before any evaluation has actually been added (save button is disabled).

Room tool – CK Editor – internal links in Edge browser – We had a problem with using internal links from the CK editor, when using Microsoft Edge browser. This is now fixed.

Contacts – 2 way SMS – missing warning – We discovered that if a Teacher was trying to send a SMS using an invalid format phone number, the Teacher did not get a notification that something was wrong. We have now added a warning, informing the Teachers if they try sending SMS to an invalid phone number.