Fronter releases September – 2018 Releases 6 & 7

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The following was released during September – 2018 – (release 6-7):

As mentioned earlier, itslearning has made som changes to the release process for Fronter. And as uptime and security always is the main focus for us, we have had a period of Release freeze, to make sure our standards for the new procedures are as good as they can get.

The release freeze does not mean that we stop developing. And we have developed many new improvements:

Nordlys – Global Navigation – Quick Navigation menu – Opening document – fixed a bug that sometimes prevented documents from opening from the Quick Navigation Menu. Users got stuck with a “spinning wheel”, but document would not open. This is now fixed.

Nordlys – Global Navigation – Waffel Menu – We had a bug that for some users would prevent the “Waffel Menu” from opening for some users. This is now fixed.

Copy Room – Copy Scorm courses – we had a bug that made it impossible to copy scorm courses when using the Copy Room functionality. This is now fixed, and scorm courses will get copied.

Members – Delete users – we had a bug in iOS prevented a user from getting permanently deleted from Fronter. This is now fixed, and users will be permanently deleted from Fronter – PLEASE NOTE – if you want to permanently delete a user according to the GDPR regulations, you need to contact your local itslearning support agent. This only applies if you have been contacted directly by a users, who has specifically requested to be deleted according to GDPR.