Fronter releases weeks 29-31

The following was released in Fronter during weeks 29, 30 and 31.

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The following was released during weeks 29, 30 and 31:

  • ILP tool
    – Fixed an issue where long group names for topic groups could cause the view to be distorted
    – Fixed an issue where published action plan attachments for a student would be shown multiple times in the student and carer views when they should only have been shown once
    – Released new functionality which enables the teacher to format text and insert links in the ILP evaluation by integrating the CK Editor
  • Fronter login page
    – Fixed an issue with special characters not displaying correctly on the login page if the language is set to Finnish (Suomi)
  • Forum tool
    – Fixed an issue with the datepicker if the user selects to enable the filtering view in the Forum tool
    – Released new functionality that allows the user to select whether discussion entries should be shown from oldest to newest (oldest entry on top) or from newest to oldest (newest entry on top)
  • Test & Question DB
    – Fixed a security issue that could make it possible for a student to get access to the Question DB by copying and manipulating the URL shown when taking a test
  • Assignment tool
    – Fixed an issue that could cause opening of the Assignment tool fail on some customer buildings if the configuration for the customer was set up in a specific way
    – Released the new Feedback loop functionality in the Assignment tool. See separate article on