Here are the winners of Fronter and itslearning´s Dev Fest 2016

Every year itslearning gathers its developers from all across Europe and the US for a three-day development competition…

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Every year itslearning gathers its developers from all across Europe and the US for a three-day development competition called the Dev Fest. This year’s festival celebrates five years of employee-driven innovation and is the first year Fronter developers participated.

Developers and Test engineers team up by idea and this year there were 14 innovative ideas presented. They can compete in several categories, the most prestigious being the “Best Educational Idea”. The winners of this category not only gain honor among their colleagues, but also get the opportunity for their idea to become a part of itslearning´s platforms.

Dev Fest 2016 winners were developers Michael Redoble and Oliver Dixon from the Oslo office. Together with a selected jury, Christine Wald-Jacobsen awarded them the prize for the Best Educational Idea of 2016, giving them a 20-hour golden ticket each to get the idea into production.

“It was great to participate in the Dev Festival; I’d really like to continue working on our project and contribute to itslearnings range of products.”, says Oliver Dixon, part of the winning team.

During the festival, developers work all day, interrupted only by pizza breaks and the occasional chat with colleagues from other countries. At the actual presentation, it´s easy to see that all the hard work has paid off. Among the great demonstrations were: fully working apps, massive improvement to the Fronter navigation, as well as several novel functions within itslearning.

“Here at itslearning, we believe that every engineer possesses great ideas and creativity. The itslearning Development Festival is made for the purpose of letting developers set aside time outside their ordinary work, to dig deeper into ideas or issues they would like to see a better solution for,” says Christine Wald-Jacobsen, Development Manager at itslearning.

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

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