Leaving old habits behind and embracing change

The Stefania-Sempołowska Primary School #9 | Poland The Stefania-Sempołowska Primary School

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The Stefania-Sempołowska Primary School #9 | Poland

The Stefania-Sempołowska Primary School in Lubin, Poland began using Fronter early spring 2012.  The effort to leave old habits behind and embrace change was led by Headmistress Elżbieta Sikora and Project Coordinator Krystyna Węgrzyn. Their commitment was key to successful implementation.

Headmistress Sikora manages the staff room – which is the go to place for teachers to see their latest messages and get any resources or data they need to prepare pupils’ reports. The headmistress encourages and expects teachers to use Fronter.

For me as a school manager, Fronter allows me to monitor how creative and committed to new ways of teaching my staff are.

 Elżbieta Sikora, Headmistress of The Stefania-Sempołowska Primary School

Krystyna Węgrzyn uses her skills to conduct lectures, workshops and prepare instructional videos on how to make best use of the learning platform.

The implementation of Fronter coincided with wider modernisation which saw new hardware and software arrive in school and become incorporated into daily life. To make sure teachers and pupils were not lost in a ‘jungle of novelties’, the implementation was carefully planned. The plan included moving as much activity as possible to their digital classrooms on Fronter.

Fronter allows me to reach all students and teachers, impacting them through images, texts, audio files or video presentations, at a time chosen individually by every recipient. As a teacher I observed grades in my classes improving since we started using Fronter

Krystyna Węgrzyn, School Project Coordinator & Maths and Computer Sciences teacher.

Students may use materials I have loaded into Fronter at a time that suits them best. They can come back to them as many times as they need to and they are thereby learning at their own pace – to their benefit. As for myself, I can save some valuable time in the classroom.

 Halina Żerelik, Polish Language teacher

With teachers and pupils up and running on Fronter, pupils began to enjoy new methods of learning. First in Maths and Computer Science, with practical subject related questions and competitions, making tasks more enjoyable for pupils. These virtual subject rooms could be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

On Fronter you can check your assessments, solve tests, watch movies put in by teachers, you can also talk with friends. It’s made my learning easier.

Marianka, pupil

Pupils know that they need to log onto Fronter to get the latest information about the clubs they are part of, or information on school trips. The creation of a Student Board Room, managed by the pupils (with the tutor Sylwia Śmieszko as guide) serves to empower and encourage them. It didn’t take long for Fronter to become the learning hub of the school.

Parents also know that Fronter is the place for them to see messages left by the teachers and use Fronter to find out exactly what their children are learning. 

Fronter is a good thing. As parents we can follow our children’s school lives more closely and can easily contact teachers.

 Parent, class V

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