Meet Fronter’s new Director of Engineering

Torgeir Lyngstad was recently hired as Director of Engineering!

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Torgeir Lyngstad was recently hired as Director of Engineering for Fronter. His responsibilities include development, maintenance and support of the Fronter platform, as well as product strategy.

Experienced leader   

Torgeir has a background in software development. After finishing his education, he worked for a few years as developer, then transitioned to product and technology management. For the last 18 years he has led product and technology development for large Norwegian software companies.

Fronter worldwide

Fronter is one of the oldest and best-known education platforms in Northern Europe. It was started at the University of Tromsø, Norway in 1998, back in the early days of the internet. Today Fronter is a powerful and responsive learning platform with several million users worldwide – the majority from Great Britain and Scandinavia. From its Scandinavian roots, Fronter now extends across the globe; with users from Malta to Tasmania.

Improving and developing Fronter 

From his first day at Fronter, Torgeir set his focus on end users. His goal is to make sure users are satisfied:  

“We want to continue to develop and improve Fronter. What we see as our main task is to improve those areas our users use most frequently. We think this will have the most impact in a short amount of time. I´m referring to areas such as assignment tools, which our customers use every day.” 


Fronter is very pleased to have such a great leader on our team. Torgeir is one hundred percent committed to making sure our users are satisfied, and in the short amount of time he has been here, he has already contributed to significant improvements to Fronter. 

We look forward to working with Torgeir – together we can make Fronter even better!

Your Fronter story

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