We want to help people make progress in their lives through learning. Whether they are with or without special needs. Everyone should be able to enjoy the world of opportunities Fronter opens up.

Trained staff and raised awareness

We have worked alongside industry experts as well as associations representing various disability groups, to ensure that all of us at Fronter are well trained to consider accessibility in all parts of the product development.

Addressed accessibility issues in the existing code

We have had a dedicated team go through the code of the existing application to make sure that the platform is accessible up to the WCAG A standard.

Fronter’s new skins, keyboard shortcuts, ability to use tabbing and directional arrows, better navigation, screen magnification, colour contrasts and better screen reader compatibility, are the results of our determination to deliver an even better user experience and accessible learning platform for all.

Accessibility at the heart of all new functionality

All new functionality released as of January 2013 will be accessible up to WCAG AA standard as a minimum.
While standards are important, they advise rather than define our product development. Our aim is to create the best possible user experience for all our user groups.


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