Bronze Level Accreditation Room (UK)

This room is the first part of the Fronter Accreditation Programme. The Bronze level room is designed to aid new/unconfident users (e.g. new teachers, teaching assistants, peripatetic teachers, governors and office staff) become familiar with fronter and common tasks on the VLE. The room contains ten self-contained study units with help guides and videos, along with a confidence survey.

This part of the course is designed to be assessed by the school fronter lead and should not take users more than two hours to complete. This level will be followed shortly by the silver level accreditation room which is designed to aid teachers use fronter to manage the online teaching and learning of their students.

NB This room contains embedded materials on OneDrive. This means that users on a school network will not be able to follow the programme unless the school’s firewall allows access to this area. The reason for this was the practical need to keep the physical size of the zip file quite small.


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