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Can I check for any errors in our nightly import?

Fronter hosts a multitude of automatic user data imports from different MIS/SIS. At a minimum, most imports produce an error log that you can access.

If your import is set to use the FEM transfer client, you can access the error logs through the upload URL (the one with the format “…”). For common error messages please see here.

If your import uses another transfer technology, you can login at the Fronter Integration Management Console as described below.

  1. Login at with your own Fronter credentials (but see the note below), and your Fronter installation name as the “Building” (e.g. if you login to, use “skola” as the building).
    • Under School you will see your organisation, provided there is an import defined there. Depending on your access level in the installation, and the number and type of imports run in that installation, this can be the top node or a school node.
    • Under Management System, you will see a brief title describing your import type.
    • Under Description, you will see any fatal errors preventing the import from being run (see the common error messages link below for details).
  2. Click on the School name or Import Management System name to continue.
  3. Click on a date to see the log for that date’s import.
    • The common error messages are listed and shortly described in a separate Forum article, please see here.

Note: This site is only available for Fronter administrator accounts, and only if your installation or school node has an operational integration (e.g. the import may be only defined on the top node in which case only top level administrators are able to view the error log). Log level and details vary depending on the type of import.

Please also note that the Integration Management Console is only available for administrator accounts for which the password is stored in Fronter. E.g. accounts using LDAP or Shibboleth authentication will not be able to login. The workaround is to create a separate, manually created administrator account.

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