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Embedded content is not showing

Many browsers have implemented security measures to prevent users from inadvertently viewing content with “mixed security”.

What happens

In some cases you may experience that an embedded piece of content, such as a video, displays fine on some browsers but not so on others. In IE, specifically, you may be confronted with a dialog saying “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?”. If you answer Yes, the content will not display. Google Chrome and Firefox, on the other hand, silently hide such content but display a small icon on the browser address bar (Chrome on right, Firefox on left side).

What may trigger it
In general the cause is that your Fronter installation is using secure https while the specific piece of content is accessed over http. In particular contexts where this may occur include:

  • Viewing Fronter pages or the Today page embedded images or videos from remote sites
  • Viewing Fronter pages or the Today page with RSS feeds displaying images
  • Running SCORM courses within the Fronter frame with contents loaded over http
How to work around it

In general you can try and change the embed code or RSS source to use https instead of http. This may not be supported by all remote sites however. For images and videos, with appropriate copyright considerations, you can also upload them to Fronter and embed on your pages through the Fronter editor. For other workarounds and ways to enable mixed content, please see the browser specific links below.

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