Ephorus and Office 365

Your school may use Office 365 and students create and store their work in OneDrive. If the students then submit those word documents to an assignment in Fronter, the plagiarism control won’t work. In the status overview, teachers see the plagiarism check with 0%, but when clicking on it to get the Ephorus report, they are presented with an error.

This is a known issue on Ephorus’ site.

At the moment Ephorus doesn’t have plans to add compatibility for Office 365 in the near future.


Please use one of the following workarounds:

1. Workaround

  • Save your file to your computer.
  • Open it and make a change. It is for example enough to just click ‘Save as’ and save the document again locally to your computer.
  • Submit this document to the assignment in Fronter.

2. Workaround

  • Create your document in Word Online instead of directly in OneDrive.
  • To do so, open Word Online and click on File -> New.
  • Back in OneDrive, download the document.
  • This document can be uploaded to an assignment in Fronter. You do not need to open and save it again.


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