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FEM transfer software

The FEM transfer software is a tool for uploading XML or CSV files to your Fronter building.

Download the FEM transfer software here.

We also have a whitepaper explaining a MIS export via the FEM transfer software.

Please find the installation instructions for the FEM transfer software here:

  1. Download and run the file.
  2. The file installs on any Windows PC and enables a daily transfer of selected files to your Fronter installation via a Webservice URL created in the Fronter integration setup tool inside Fronter. (admin/tools/integration setup)
  3. Paste the webservice URL into the FEM software during setup and test the connection settings from within the software.
  4. Apply the running frequency (daily including/excluded weekends) and time for the export to run.
  5. Point to any folder or file to upload folder content.
  6. The files are hash tagged upon upload ensuring no redundant files are imported more than once.

Please contact your local support desk for support.

Windows 7 users, please note that if you do not have administrator privileges on the OS, you may have to install the software into your own user directory.

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