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Fronter IP range

Fronter services are available through a wide range of IP addresses. For many services we use CloudFlare, who maintain an up-to-date list of IP ranges on Connections to CloudFlare’s IP ranges must be allowed to access Fronter services.

All our services are available on ports 80 and 443. Please note that some newer services may utilise addresses outside the listed ranges. This only affects traffic to ports 80 and/or 443.

Oslo data center

In addition, we have services in our Oslo data center. Please contact Fronter Support to get the relevant IP ranges.

Denver data center

If you are hosted in Fronter’s Denver, CO data center, with a URL like, services are also provided through an additional IP address. Please contact your local Fronter representative for details.

Other data centers

If you access Fronter through a URL that does not include, please contact your local Fronter representative for details.

Fronter-initiated connections

Some connections are initiated from Fronter servers to external services. Examples of this include LDAP/AD servers for user authentication, and accessing external e-mail accounts from the Fronter webmail client. In order for this to work, those external services need to accept connections from the IP ranges listed above, with the exception of the CloudFlare ranges. Connections will always be initiated from Fronter’s IP ranges, never from the CloudFlare IP ranges.

For LDAP/AD, the standard ports to open are 389 (ldap) and 636 (ldaps), but your configuration may specify a non-standard port.

For accessing external e-mail accounts, the relevant SMTP, POP, and/or IMAP ports must be open.


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