Fronter Roadmap for 2017

We are excited to present our new roadmap for 2017. In 2017 Fronter will take a step forward to meet the teaching challenges of today and tomorrow. We sat down with our product owner Alf Proeven to gain a deeper understanding of the new roadmap.

Image: Alf Proeven by Niklas Didrik Hellum

Happy new year Alf! Can you please give an overview of the new roadmap?

The new Roadmap for 2017 continues to build on the foundation of the work performed on the Fronter Platform in 2016. For 2016 the main focus has been to stabilize the Framework and Infrastructure of Fronter. There is still work to be done in these areas, that we will continue with for the first and second quarters of 2017, but we feel that Fronter now is stable and ready for some new development. We expect to release new features and functionality throughout 2017, and our users should see and experience improvements already within the first quarter.

What is the philosophy behind the new roadmap?

We have chosen to focus on areas at the core of what we believe Fronter should be. We believe that Fronter should be a Platform where the Teacher and the Student can collaborate on making the best learning experience. And we would like to provide the Teachers with the best tools available to facilitate this.

What specifically are you going to be working on in 2017?

For 2017 we will focus on enhancing some of the main Tools Teachers need. The tools we will be working on in 2017, is also selected based on feedback from our Teachers.

  • Assignment Tool with more functionality, like Feedback, Peer review and media recorder. This will eventually replace the existing Hand in Tool.
  • ILP Tool. The Individual Learning Plan, or “Individuell utvecklingsplan” (IUP), as it is called in Sweden.
  • Absence Tool. We will add functionality to support the 10% absence rule that was recently introduced in Norway.
  • Plagiarism Tool. As the agreement with Euphorus is expiring in 2017, will be replaced.
  • Test Tool. Improving the existing Tool, and adding some new functionality, like the Cloze test.
  • User Experience (UX) will be enhanced continuously as we work on the different tools.
  • Start of year (SOY) – End of year (EOY), or Back to School processes will be improved and simplified.

These are our main focus areas for the 3 first quarters of 2017. And for these Tools and areas we have already started planning for and working on in detail. As we move closer to, and into 2018 things are not set in stone, but we wish to stick to the map as closely as possible. We plan to work on LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability – (integration with 3rd party providers), Google docs integration, Retiring the Hand in Tool and Improving the Fronter Mobile app.

How has the development of Fronter been since it was acquired by itslearning in 2015?

After Fronter was acquired by itslearning, we have been able to put focus back on the core of what we believe the Fronter platform should be. After years with an owner that had other plans for the Fronter platform, and nothing really got released that would benefit the Teachers or Students, we are now very happy to again focus on what´s important. We are eager to show our users what we are able to do to enhance the Learning Experience, by creating state of the art Tools for the Teachers!

Thank you, Alf!

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